Explorium HK was a collaboration hub empowering communities of innovation in supply chain, retail, and beyond, to co-create the future. With a heavy heart, we’re sad to say that we’ll be suspending the programs and operations of Explorium Hong Kong as of May 11th, 2021.

As an experiment in community-driven corporate innovation, Explorium HK served its purpose and now it’s time to take stock and iterate the ways to inform, inspire and facilitate creating new value. We’re proud of what we achieved together over the last two and a half years and are immensely grateful to you, our community of…

Community Spotlight | Founders @ Explorium Interview Series – Florian Gamper, Lineverge

Solving Complexity Through Tech

Supply chains are complex networks that can be notoriously inefficient. Just imagine having 50 companies of different sizes and sophistication spread around the globe all contributing to build one product. It’s very likely that they all have different ways of working, systems and reporting standards making communication and information exchange in the network slow and prone to errors. So, how do you make this network work better?

We caught up with Florian Gamper, one of our first Explorium Residents, to learn about how Linverge…

Community Spotlight | Founders @ Explorium Interview Series – Marianne Hughes, KNO Global

We sat down with Marianne Hughes, one of our founders in residence at Explorium HK, to learn more about Kno Global and her perspective on starting a venture in Hong Kong. Read on for some useful insights and advice.

What is Kno Global

Kno Global is humanizing the supply chain for brands and companies willing to make a difference, by connecting them with one factory and one human at a time. …

Community Spotlight | Founders @ Explorium Interview Series – Anushka Purohit, Breer

Bread + Beer = Breer!

Do you know that Hong Kong is running out of landfill capacity? Have you thought about how you can help? The team at Breer has and they have come up with a creative solution – using leftover bread and pizza crust to make beer!

Breer is one of our newest resident teams at Explorium and we sat down with Anushka Purohit, the CEO and a third-year student at HKUST, to learn a bit more about her and Breer.

Beer from bread?


We have some exciting news! We are extending our In-Residence program to now include Resident Experts! Our resident experts are knowledgeable collaborators with deep subject matter expertise, who are making themselves available to support the community with their know-how and insight.

We are kicking off this new offering with a set of expert office hours via Zoom next Thursday (February 4th). If you’re a startup or innovator in retail, digital commerce or sustainability, you can book a time with them to pick their brains and create meaningful professional connections.

Without further ado, please welcome our first EXPerts: Jonathan, Simeon, and…

Today, to innovate is on the agenda of business owners and CEOs across industries and markets. Yet, innovating and cultivating a culture of innovation across organizations remains a formidable challenge.

While there’s no silver bullet when it comes to innovation, there are multiple ways-of-working, processes, and tools that can help organizations along their innovation journey. At Explorium Hong Kong, we created an Ecosystem Innovation Playbook to share what we, together with a group of innovation practitioners in our community, have learned about launching innovation teams and running innovation projects within organizations. We’re excited to share it with you.

Access it…

It’s a new year 🌟 and what better way to kick it off than some out-of-the-box Explorium community project ideas?

Last month, we jammed with some of you around our collective hopes and aspirations for 2021. During the session we co-created three concepts that address opportunities presented by our present realities: connecting without physical events, speeding up climate action, and coping with socially-distanced work.

Check them out below and reach out to us at hello@explorium.hk if you’d like to learn more about our community jams.

Community Jam 2020 | Explorium HK

“Breakout Hong Kong”
Reimaging an innovation festival in mixed reality, :breakout Hong Kong is a…

Explorium’s preferred way of working is to do things in person — whether it’s a workshop, a salon, or demoing a new piece of tech, we believe doing things face-to-face brings out the best interactions. However, like many we’ve had to move online because of Covid-19. Enter Mural — a digital workspace that enables teams to collaborate visually (and to solve important problems).

While we had previously experimented with Mural (and Miro, a similar digital whiteboard service), we were by no means Pro users. That had to change rather quickly — now there’s not a day that passes without us…

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are to miss the future.” John F. Kennedy

Bonjour Team Photo

Hong Kong’s retail market has been severely impacted by the Covid 19 pandemic and the social unrest preceding it. Bonjour, a 40-year Hong Kong cosmetics and consumer goods retailer committed to embrace the need to change its traditional brick and mortar business model and is on the path to transforming into a global O2O company. How? In a short span of time, the team at Bonjour developed a cross-border O2O (Online to Offline) marketing and commerce…

EXPloring Sustainability — November 5th, 2020 🌎🌿
Creative Collision — November 12th, 2020
V-Coachella — November 24th — 26th, 2020
Esperanza’s Community Meet-Up — November 30th, 2020

EXPloring Sustainability — November 5th, 2020 🌎🌿

We’re wrapping up our Sustainability exploration! Come to Explorium HK on Thursday, November 5th to be part of the conversation and to experience a number digital and not-so-digital solutions for achieving a more sustainable world. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow at Explorium. We have three exciting conversations, 15 demos, and (socially-distanced) networking planned for the evening. See you there! ✌🏻

Creative Collision — November…

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